Weekend Moments: Mother’s Day 2016


Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day &I hope all the mothers out there and were able to spend time with their family/loved ones. My family went out to brunch yesterday at Bahama Breeze for Mother’s Day & it was delicious per usual. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience there & our waitress was just super nice and accommodating. This weekend was a little more stressful / event filled than last weekend but overall, it was a great weekend. On Friday night I relaxed and watched some Fixer Upper (seriously obsessed […]

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Weekend Moments: Relax


Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Bad? Sad that it’s Monday already? My weekend was AH-MAZING. I seriously had the most relaxing weekend because guess what? For once, I did NOTHING. Okay, well not nothing, but like relatively nothing. I finally had a moment to just relax, like really relax. Is this what weekends are supposed to feel like? I got all the laundry done, I did the dishes, went grocery shopping, even did some cooking and STILL had time to just relax and binge watch some Netflix. I got an email from Netflix on Saturday morning letting me know some […]

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Easy Peasy Seafood Alfredo


After having so many tomato-based pasta dinners, I decided it was time to dive into making, easy, yet delicious Alfredo dish. As you know, I am no cook. I’m not about to start inviting people over for dinner parties or anything of that nature, but I also don’t like to eat cheap chemical-filled microwavable meals every night. So a little bit of a balance works for me. Something that’s easy, but still somewhat homemade. Hence, this easy peasy Seafood Alfredo dish. It’s easy (no joke), but it also takes a bit more effort than clicking a button the microwave. What you’ll need: […]

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Happy Earth Day 2016!


HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Okay, I’m a day late.. but should it really matter?? Earth day should really be every day! I love it! It’s the perfect time to take a step back from our (typically) economically minded selves and take a look at how we are affecting the environment. Are we where we should be as a society? What are you, as an individual doing, to protect the environment? Lucky for me, I’m in a Nature & Society class where we can openly discuss some of these things, even if we, as a class, don’t all agree. I like to […]

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Spring is here (finally)!


Spring is [finally] here! It’s so crazy, right? Like where did the time go? I feel like I asked this question every single blog post, but seriously, how are we at the end of March already? Was it not just New Years? I swear I already need a redo on all of my resolutions… Thankfully, winter didn’t seem to last forever this year (as it normally does). I was actually kind of okay with it being winter. Well, up until winter storm Jonas decided to blast through the east coast. Fun times. At least gave me some extra time for […]

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Spaghetti Squash on a Snow Day


Well, cabin fever has officially set in & I’m ready for summer. Not even spring, can we just skip spring & head straight into summer? I’m ready for the warm sun on my skin & the beach. Ah well. Since I’ve been stuck inside all day, I’ve decided it was time to make spaghetti squash! I LOVE spaghetti squash. As you know, I’ve been making a lot of stir fry & while I love rice and noodles, sometimes I just need a bit of a break from super heavy carbs. That’s where spaghetti squash comes in. I can enjoy my […]

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Snow Day & Hoisin Chicken Stir Fry


Greetings from my couch! Yes, you heard that. The couch is FINALLY here & I freaking love it! Completely worth the wait. It’s so comfy & its the perfect shade of grey (not too dark, but not too light). Oh, and it came just in time for blizzard Jonas – super clutch. Anyway,  since I’ve spent a good portion of the day playing in the snow, making a really bad snow man (who sadly later fell over & got covered by more snow – yay blizzard), forcing Theo to stay outside for more than half a second so he doesn’t do […]

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Home Decor : The Gallery Wall

Decorating is difficult, for me at least. I have a million different things I want & sometimes, it hard for me to picture how different pieces will go together in my head. I need a better imagination I guess. But what I do know is that I like pictures & photographs & frames. One of the big things for me when moving was the ability to decorate our space the way I wanted it to look (with some input from the bf, of course). But one thing I really didn’t want is I didn’t want to have a bagillion hand-me-down […]

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Happy New Year’s *2016*


Happy New Year’s everyone! A little late, I know. This past year was full of ups & downs, but I’m excited to put it behind me & move forward. I mean, that’s what we all have to do right? Even when life knocks you down, you just have to get back up put a smile on & keep going (albeit begrudgingly). New Year’s is always a great time to do that. To let go of whatever’s weighing you down & start new. So yeah, I’m really excited for the new year. I’m also excited to give myself a new list of […]

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My first DIY – Restoring the Coffee Table!


Hello, hello! How was everyone’s holiday? Good? Relaxing? I know mine was & I’m hoping the good vibes travel on for the new year. Since moving, I’ve been doing a lot of style / inspiration searching aka, going on Pinterest. Does anyone else decide they want to be like super creative once they go to on Pinterest and see everyone else’s DIY project? I know I do & after shopping around a bit for furniture for the new place, we decided to see what people have extra of & what we could do to fix up what we have. Side note: […]

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