FabFitFun Summer 2016 Box Review


I finally caved and subscribed to FabFitFun after looking at the boxes for years. I’ve always been curious about the box, but the price tag kind of threw me off. I mean its 49.99 four times a year, and while it really isn’t alllll that much more than a subscription box that’s $10.00 a month, especially if you pay for the whole year at once. I think also if you pay for the whole year at once, you can pick things in your box (like color options) and add things in there at an extra charge? Please correct me if I’m […]

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Weekend Moments : First Weekend in June 2016


Why, hello! How was everyone’s first weekend in June 2016? I can’t believe we’re already in June. So crazy how fast time flies. I know I say this like literally every single post, but it still always amazes me how quickly everything moves. My weekend was great. For the past two weekend’s, I have stepped up my workout routine (aka, I stopped being so lazy and started going to the gym again after a hiatus). I learned that my gym actually has free classes. Well, not free but they are included in the normal membership at no extra charge. I decided […]

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Five Easy Ways to Save


I feel like every other week, I have that, “OK, I need to stop spending money on pointless crap and start seriously saving” moment. Anyone else like this? From a very young age my parents instilled upon me the value of a dollar, and also, the value of saving. Both of my parents have done everything they possibly can to make sure that me and my sister turned out to be fiscally responsible. And while, I like to think I am 99% of the time, sometimes, its just hard to say no to that purse, or those shoes I “need.” Ha. So, since it’s […]

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Weekend Moments: Memorial Day 2016


Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s weekend? Did you go out of town? Make it to the beach or the pool this weekend? I did neither BUT, this past weekend was amazing. I made sure to wake up early every day and make the most of the day. This is a big deal for me because I usually like to sleep in on the weekends since I’m just so exhausted from the work week. I don’t go crazy or anything with the sleeping in, but this weekend I set my alarm just like I would have done for work. On Saturday, I […]

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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks Review


Today I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE lipsticks out there: ColourPop’s liquid utra matte lipsticks. If you haven’t heard of ColourPop before, you’re most likely living under a rock? I’m just kidding, kinda. But seriously, ColourPop has been getting so much attention as an amazing Indie cosmetic brand, especially after Kylie Jenner’s lip kits came out. Some of that is due to their similarity? their relationship? I’m not sure what to call it. According to this source, ColourPop sorta, kinda, but doesn’t, actually make Kylie Cosmetics, but their parent brand does? Please correct me if I’m wrong on this. Anyway, […]

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2016 everyone! How was everyone’s week? Mine felt long. Especially today. I should have just taken off the Friday before Memorial Day 2016 like everyone else, but I also find days where everyone else is out of the office strangely relaxing. Anyone else feel this way? Like I know when no one else is around, I’m not going to be spammed with hundreds of emails or questions and I can actually just focus on writing reports that need to get completed and making sure all my projects are on track. I’d rather save my days off for more […]

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Weekend Moments: Mother’s Day 2016


Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day &I hope all the mothers out there and were able to spend time with their family/loved ones. My family went out to brunch yesterday at Bahama Breeze for Mother’s Day & it was delicious per usual. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience there & our waitress was just super nice and accommodating. This weekend was a little more stressful / event filled than last weekend but overall, it was a great weekend. On Friday night I relaxed and watched some Fixer Upper (seriously obsessed […]

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Weekend Moments: Relax


Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Bad? Sad that it’s Monday already? My weekend was AH-MAZING. I seriously had the most relaxing weekend because guess what? For once, I did NOTHING. Okay, well not nothing, but like relatively nothing. I finally had a moment to just relax, like really relax. Is this what weekends are supposed to feel like? I got all the laundry done, I did the dishes, went grocery shopping, even did some cooking and STILL had time to just relax and binge watch some Netflix. I got an email from Netflix on Saturday morning letting me know some […]

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Easy Peasy Seafood Alfredo


After having so many tomato-based pasta dinners, I decided it was time to dive into making, easy, yet delicious Alfredo dish. As you know, I am no cook. I’m not about to start inviting people over for dinner parties or anything of that nature, but I also don’t like to eat cheap chemical-filled microwavable meals every night. So a little bit of a balance works for me. Something that’s easy, but still somewhat homemade. Hence, this easy peasy Seafood Alfredo dish. It’s easy (no joke), but it also takes a bit more effort than clicking a button the microwave. What you’ll need: […]

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Happy Earth Day 2016!


HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Okay, I’m a day late.. but should it really matter?? Earth day should really be every day! I love it! It’s the perfect time to take a step back from our (typically) economically minded selves and take a look at how we are affecting the environment. Are we where we should be as a society? What are you, as an individual doing, to protect the environment? Lucky for me, I’m in a Nature & Society class where we can openly discuss some of these things, even if we, as a class, don’t all agree. I like to […]

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